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How to Create a Yelp SEO Strategy for a New Website

What’s the #1 mistake businesses make when paying for a designer or developer to make a new website?

They completely ignore SEO. 

There are many steps a new business should take when coming up with their own strategy. Your business name impacts SEO, the URL you buy impacts SEO, even the website platform you chose will impact SEO.

In addition to these considerations there are factors outside of your website that impact SEO. One of the most important “off-page SEO tactics” is having the right Yelp Page SEO Strategy.

4 Steps to Optimize Your Yelp Page for SEO

Yelp SEO Strategy for New Business

1. Choosing the Right Yelp Business Name

This is the most important step. The name you choose for your business has a ripple effect that spreads throughout your page. You’ll notice on Kim’s page she’s chosen “Kim Sin Office Yoga” which is a combination of her business name “Kim Sin Yoga” and an addition of a specific keyword which helps her Yelp page appear on the first page of Google.

You’ll notice ChoYoga is written as one word instead of two. The search engines don’t know that Choyoga is actually Cho Yoga, so we’re loosing Yoga as a keyword and not adding any descriptor keyword like Cho Private Yoga Instruction.

Yelp SEO Optimization Strategy for Yoga Instructors

The business name you choose will also impact your Yelp URL, which is a top factor for your Page’s ranking in Google. You cannot actually change your URL, it is automatically generated by the Yelp algorithm which is: + “business name” + “city location”

Yelp URL SEO Tactics

 2. Choose the Right Yelp Business Address

Many businesses serve a specific geographic area and most customers searching for a service or store are searching for something near them. Let’s say your home business mailing address is one hour from the customer area you serve. It’s best to have an address that’s near your clients (or where you want your clients to be) than your official address.

This will absolutely impact the results you’ll have from specific geographic searches.

3. Select the Right Category Tags

Most people remember to tag their business category on yelp, but many others do not. You get up to 3 business tags to put on Yelp so be sure to include any possible category someone might be searching. For a Yoga teacher it might be, “Yoga, Personal Training, and Pillates” since Pillates and Yoga might be an interchangeable service.

4. Get Reviews!

I don’t need to explain why having customer reviews are important, but I will explain how they specifically impact SEO. It actually impacts it in three different ways:

1. The number of reviews will impact how likely your page will show up in search (the more the better). Don’t be afraid to send out your yelp page to customers and ask for reviews. Most satisfied customers are more than happy to write a review for you and it costs very little to ask for one.

2. The keywords written in the reviews should match your business category. The words your customers use will appear directly on your yelp page and should match the keywords your customers are searching for. For example if you provide “office yoga in San Francisco” it’s best if your customers write a review such as, “Kim Sin has been teaching yoga at our office in San Francisco for the past 2 years. She’s amazing!”

3. The frequency of reviews impacts your search engine ranking. Here’s one final tip that is a must for your yelp page. One day I saw a client had dropped off the first page of Google with their Yelp page because they hadn’t had a review in over a year! Because that page was never updated Google saw it less relevant than some other pages who had popped up since then.

While Yelp is generally an important part of your SEO strategy, there are many other sites and factors to consider. Send me a note if you’d like a free consultation and be sure to check out my SEO case study on how I helped Kim Sin Double her business with my SEO services.


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