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Why Website Designers and Developers Make Terrible Websites

Canggu Beach Bali.

me: Hey why don’t you guys show up in Google when I search “jiujitsu in Bali?”

him: We don’t? Well we’ve got a guy that does our website. He takes care of all that stuff.

me: Is he a designer or a developer?

him: Ugh.. I’m not sure, but he takes care of all that SEO stuff.

me: Well if he’s telling you he’s doing SEO he has no idea what he’s doing. Most designers or developers don’t ever bother with it and it’s the most important aspect of your site.

him: *blank star*

This is the conversation I had last week at Bali MMA. It’s an all too common story. A small business hires a website designer or developer to make them a site and fails to spend more than an hour doing basic search engine optimization.

Here’s a little secret that I’ve learned from my Designer and Developer friends.

They hate marketing. 

Why developers don’t bother with SEO

Developers love to code. They use languages like Javascript, HTML and CSS to make a website work. They love to use the latest technologies to write clean code that’s up to speed on the best practices for web development. And while this is awesome, they spend 0% of their time thinking about how your website shows up in search.

A typical developer mentality is this. “If your product (or your website) is built well and works well then it will sell. Anything else you add to the equation is fluff or a waste of time.”

Their “purest” approach might make them feel better and help them write “pure and clean code” but it will not help grow your business.

Why designers don’t bother with SEO

On the other hand there are the designers. I’m also friends with many of them. They typically hate to code and love working with colors, fonts and images  to make a beautiful unique website.

Without them the web would still look like it did in the 90’s, but don’t let beauty fool you.

If you have a beautiful site, that’s never found in google, do you really have a site at all?

Designers will often create mockups and even outsource the coding to a developer to implement. Neither of them have SEO best practices in mind when designing, developing or writing the copy of your website.

Some designers and developers will even have you write all of your content on your own!

SEO Strategy and Execution Takes Time

SEO is something that always changes and requires a decent amount of time to analyze and execute for a client. Most designers and developers are too busy with their primary skill to bother with this “marketing thing” that many of them don’t understand.

Here’s what you need to understand about SEO as a small business owner.

You must optimize the following portions of your website:

  1. Each of your website page titles
  2. Each of your website’s unique URLS
  3. Each of your website’s meta-descriptions
  4. The H1, H2, and H3 title content
  5. The website copy itself

These five components make up the majority of “on page” SEO optimization. If your developer or designer is not asking you about what primary keywords they should optimize for then they probably haven’t done any worthwhile SEO work.

Have any questions about SEO? Leave them in the comments below. I’m currently working on a Practical SEO Guide f0r Small Businesses to help you improve your own website.

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