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SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)is one of the most important parts of growing your startup or local business. It requires both initial setup and an ongoing improvement plan.

Like a personal trainer we will work alongside with you to build and strengthen your business’s reputation with Google.

Oyr SEO services have helped clients such asKim Sin Office Yoga double her business in one year.

Case Study: Improving SEO for a Corporate Yoga Services Company

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SEO Project Plan

In order to rank higher in Google you must invest time and energy into optimizing your website. There are three phases each client goes through to complete their SEO work.

Phase 1. Competitive Analysis – $350

First we must see how your website ranks against your competition. By utilizing Google’s Keyword Tool and analyzing the current SERP rankings we’ll uncover how your site is doing now and what steps we’ll need to take to improve your ranking.

Phase 2. Recommendations – $1,000

After the competitive analysis, we’ll develop a specific keyword optimization strategy that will help your company rise to the front page of Google. These recommendations will be delivered in a spreadsheet along with specific SEO ranking goals for each page on your site.

Phase 3. Implementation – $500

The last step will be to implement the recommended changes for your website. This will involve some coding and copywriting to your current website. This work may be done by your team or can be completed without any additional work from you as long as you can provide access to your website and web server.

Ongoing SEO Reporting

Ranking higher in Google takes time. After one month we will analyze how your site ranking has changed. Websites do not make it to the first page of Google overnight, but with the right strategy and keywords in place you are guaranteed to improve your ranking after one to two months.

The first two months you’ll receive a free SEO report. For each month after reports and recommendations will cost $99 a month.