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Coopt Shopify App

Coopt is a Shopify app which helps e-commerce increase traffic through customer referrals. Unlike traditional affiliate programs or “share this” widgets, Coopt provides a small incentive for e-commerce customers to share their recent purchase on Facebook.

After one month of growth marketing, Coopt’s monthly downloads were up 4x’s from an average of 60 to over 240 installs.

Content Strategy for Shopify Apps

In order to position Coopt as a thought leader within the Shopify community we developed a content strategy to target store owners who are looking for new ways to grow their business. A list of top blogs was developed to pitch a series of thought leadership articles to.

The #1 target blog was Shopify’s E-commerce blog where we were able to land a story featuring Coopt. This content piece single-handedly grew Coopt’s website traffic by 10x the month after it was published.

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