Growth Marketing for Hire

Non-Profit Campaign

The Client

The Lipoprotein(a) Foundation is a small non-profit pioneering awareness for a common genetic protein disorder which drastically increases a patient’s risk for a cardiac event. Read more in the New York Times, A Heart Risk Factor Even Doctors Know Very Little About.

The Strategy

Croke Consulting was hired to establish a series of marketing metrics which would gauge the success of their online marketing. We established three primary objectives for their digital marketing campaigns:

  1. Increase new membership signups
  2. Generate more physician awareness
  3. Increase membership donations

Earlier in the year they had spent thousands of dollars on an expensive television commercial, which did not increase membership sign ups or donations.

Increasing Membership Sign Ups  

By analyzing their website traffic patterns within Google Analytics, we were able to identify key stages of the website which were not converting prospects into members. After making these website changes, we were able to increase their signups by 300% in one month.

Record Setting Online Donations

To increase the number of donations the Lipoprotein(a) Foundation would receive at the end of the year, we developed a marketing campaign and creative for direct-mail, email and social media around the theme, “If 100 People, Donate $100 Dollars, we can Save 100,000 Lives”.

The campaign was a remarkable success. In one month they received 10x the amount of online donations that they received in all of the previous year combined. 

Marketing Metrics

In addition to establishing our campaign objectives, we created specific Goals in Google Analytics to track which campaigns were driving the most signups.

We also created a KPI dashboard to track their website performance over time. Now every dollar they spend in marketing they can view what the return was via their online donations. 

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