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How Long Should It Take to Make a Website?

There’s not many things that enrage me, but I can think of three.

  1. When I share something in authenticity and someone doesn’t believe me
  2. When I take the wrong way or an inefficient way to get somewhere
  3. When someone charges way too much for sub-par marketing work

In a sense, Authenticity, Efficiency and Fairness.

Yesterday I was speaking with a client about their new website. Here’s what she said,

Well the website took about 6 months and it cost us $10,000 because someone else started the project and the new company had to fix their broken code to finish it.

I pulled up their website to see what was happening with it. I told my client $10,000 was a lot for a fairly simple website, but if they were coding or designing it “from scratch” aka not using any of the modern tools available to designers/developers then $10,000 was a fair price.

Then I took a look at the code and saw it was a Wix website. For those of you that don’t know, Wix is an amateur website platform that requires 0 coding. It also has terrible SEO structure because of their ability to change designs via drag and drop and usually, the final website design is off because you don’t have to follow grid standards to align things perfectly.

Anyways, the fact that a small business owner who is struggling to grow their business beyond their initial customers had to waste 6 months of waiting and $10,000 for a website they could have built themselves.

A new website should take about one to two months to be built. Of course there can be complications and extremely large website that will take longer, but for the average business that needs 5-7 pages 3 months would be the maximum.

The one reason websites can take extremely long is if they are being coded from scratch. However, this is unnecessary for most businesses because of the multitude of frameworks and platforms available.

If you’re wondering if the website you are waiting for is taking too long. It probably is.

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