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Here’s the SEO (search engine optimization) Advice I Would Give to My Closest Friends (and best clients)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a mouthful. There may be no other concept in marketing that confuses clients and marketers alike.

Most people think that since SEO deals with search engines like Google and websites, that it must be overly technical and confusing. I usually find that after 20 minutes of describing SEO, business owners can understand the basics, see the value, and then need help implementing some of the tactics I’ve just explained.

Below is a conversion I had with a real business owner who was struggling to know who to trust with improving their search engine ranking in Google.

Hi i am looking for a good S.E.O. Person to help me shoot up my website on google or maybe know of a basic course I could follow. Any pointers would be really appreciated because many people claim the knowledge but don’t deliver witch makes it hard to trust now. Would definitely being willing to pay someone who could deliver results.

My Response

For one, websites don’t just “shoot up on google” FYI.

Hiring for SEO is more like hiring a personal trainer than buying a sandwich. Keep in mind if your goal is to “play basketball in the NBA” no personal trainer can make that happen, no matter how good they are.

That analogy means whatever business and keywords you want to rank for is the #1 factor for your success or failure. Ranking #1 for “t-shirts” is like going after the NBA, however with a smaller niche business you may be able to do the equivalent of losing 10 lbs (and keeping them off forever) over the course of 3-6 months

After a 20 minute conversation and looking at his website I was able to give him this advice:

1. Your page titles should be unique and have up to 7 of your top keywords on each page title, no more.

Here’s an example of this guys page title. It currently says his store name twice, which is totally unnecessary. Businesses will always rank for their brand name since if it’s in their URL so there’s no need to waste space with those keywords.

Those keywords should instead be something like “custom blinds” or whatever keyword list we’d develop that does not have to do with the brand.

Here is where an SEO consultant really comes in handy. Most people need help deciding which keywords to try and rank for, for each page, AND to make those changes for you on your website.

After the changes are made you’ll need to track the results each month to see where you are ranking in Google and whether you are beating out your competition or not…

“That definitely makes sense. Looking at it with this fresh insight makes it seem ridiculous.”

Don’t worry, this stuff sounds really overwhelming then it comes down to a bit of common sense, but we’re not done yet!

SEO Step 1 – Optimizing Your Current Website (on-site SEO)

So that’s part 1 “optimizing your current site” with the relevant keywords. So let’s say someone does that, they put all the keywords in the page title, meta description, and copy. And then let’s say you still aren’t ranking on the first page of Google, but your competitors are with those same keywords.

Then here’s part 2, which is getting your website more links to it.

SEO Step 2 – Boosting Your Website’s Authority (off-site SEO)

Google won’t rank you #1 for your keywords, unless they think you are “authoritative” and they judge that by a few factors, but the main factor is that other websites link to your site.

Right now, based on my research, there’s no other websites on the internet that have a link on their website

Here’s a PDF guide I give to my clients for their reference which (hopefully) conveys this information and a few other tidbits –
So do you think someone getting started with this from scratch like me can move forward on my own checking in with someone like you? Im basically learning everything from scratch although the guys who made my site seem good I’m not 100% sure based on a few events along the way building it but definitely they suck at S.E.O. Because I didn’t even find their site doing local search for someone to build my site…
Yeah most developers/designers don’t bother with SEO, so the site looks great, but if it doesn’t rank or get traffic.. meh
Hit them up and say, “hey guys I want to make some SEO changes to the site for example, changing the page titles. Is this on a CMS where I could do this myself or how would the best way to go about doing this?”
What’s a content management system?
A Content Management system is a website built with an intuitive user interface that let’s people change the content, words, photos, pages, site titles, without doing much if any coding. Most CMS’s, like WordPress, make it extremely easy for you to optimize your website with the proper page titles, url’s and descriptions. 
So that’s basics of SEO you should understand before launching a new website OR hiring a consultant. And if you’ve got your site optimized and your website still isn’t converting traffic into leads, then it’s time for SEO or Growth Marketing level two.
That will be too long for a blog post, but you can contact me to learn more.

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