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Do I Have to Join Every Social Network for my Business?

TL:DR (too long, don’t read) – no.

Long answer.

Social Media Madness is the phrase I use to describe the current obsession have with social media. Sure some people have built businesses entirely based on their social media presence, but does that mean it’s really right for you?

Even if your competitors are on social media and they post cute pictures, it does not mean it is worth their time or yours. You need to create a marketing plan that works for you. Unfortunately most businesses I come across rarely have their marketing priorities in order.

So why all the hype around social media?

Over the past decade I’ve watched the ‘7 Step Social Loop’ play out over and over again on the internet. It goes a little something like this.

  1. New tool or network arrives
  2. Early adopters begin experimenting
  3. Someone is incredibly creative and begins to amass a large following
  4. A brand takes notice and decides they want to join in the fun
  5. Other brands see the brand get involved and decide they want to play too
  6. Social media bloggers write about this new trend
  7. Marketing consultants take this opportunity to sell a new service to companies

On and on it goes and while most people are too busy running their business to pay any attention, big brands and social media guru’s continue to perpetuate this cycle. This is where you take control.

What are you truly great at?

I’ve been helping my friend Bryan launch a new social marketing app for shopify and after a few weeks of blogging he said, “Ya know Brandon, I’m an okay writer, but my personality doesn’t shine through this. I think my passion would come through a video blog a lot better.”

It’s true. He’s already raised about $100,000 with his kickstarter videos for a previous business, but he saw everyone blogging in the social media world so he figured that’s what he had to do. If you are following what others are doing, you’re probably already too far behind.

Seth Godin (the world’s greatest marketer) knows this and it’s why he only sticks to blogging and doesn’t tweet, snap, insta or any of that other crap. He delivers a new short blog post full of inspiration each morning and this generates all the business and book sales he could ever want.

So don’t get distracted, stay focussed and invest your time and energy into one thing that will get you results.

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