Growth Marketing for Hire


Growth Marketer for Hire

Brandon helps founders prioritize and execute marketing strategies which have been proven to grow companies. Before his freelance career, he led marketing teams at succesfully acquired startups in San Francisco. His PR work has landed stories in the NYtimes, CNN, NPR, WSJ and dozens of other outlets.

As a marketing consultant, he provides a no bullshit approach for business owners who have a product they are truly passionate about. His background in jiujitsu and experience with bootstrapped startups, taught him to apply the principle of “minimal effort, maximum leverage” to help founders focus on only the most important marketing activities.

Prior to his career in San Francisco, Brandon led Digital Strategy at an agency working with Fortune 500 clients in Ohio, where he co-founded Startup Toledo. Since 2008 he’s consulted with organizations around the world in Australia, Hungary, Mexico and Uganda.

Speaking Engagements

Brandon has been a keynote speaker at marketing conferences and he’s presented at SXSW, the American Marketing Association, Social Media Summit, and the National Conference on Student Marketing and Recruitment.

Below you can find a video of Brandon speaking at the Ed Social Media Summit in Boston. To watch the presentation hover over the playlist menu on the right and scroll to the “Social Media and Student Trends – Where are they headed?” title.