Growth Marketing for Hire

  • OneSignal is a leading push notification software development kit trusted by over 100,000 developers and with leading clients such as Uber, Zynga and Product Hunt. Like many early-stage startups, OneSignal wants to keep their overhead low. Instead of hiring a VP of Marketing to fuel their growth they partner with[...]
  • Coopt is a Shopify app which helps e-commerce increase traffic through customer referrals. Unlike traditional affiliate programs or “share this” widgets, Coopt provides a small incentive for e-commerce customers to share their recent purchase on Facebook. After one month of growth marketing, Coopt’s monthly downloads were up 4x’s from an[...]
  • Background: Kim Sin is a leading office yoga instructor based in San Francisco who has worked with clients and executives at top companies such as Gap, AirBnB, and Zendesk. In 2014 Kim made the decision to only work with companies in the Bay Area in order to help their employees¬†be[...]
  • After a successful career on Broadway, David Cho decided to share his passion and knowledge for the human body with others through his yoga practice. ¬†David provides private and group training for individuals throughout the Bay Area, including leading companies like Google and Youtube. While David’s practice is as strong[...]